• Oil & gas.
  • IT
  • Construction, real estate.
  • Production
  • FMCG
  • Agribusiness
  • Law
  • Pharmaceuticals and medicine
  • Banking, finances and investments.
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Industry expertise

Recent projects of the TOP managers, recruiting consultants and specialists in the following fields

Banks, Financial and Investments

  • Recruiting Head of rule of responsible for IT; Deputy Chairman of the Board in matter of finance;
  • Deputy Chairman of the Board in matter of finance.
  • First Deputy Chairman of the Board/ Leader of retail business;
  • In corporate business Relationship Manager, Large Corporate; Deputy director of corporate business-center on SME, position from Junior RM to Head of Corporate Business (SME Corporate, Large Corporate)
  • In retail business - First Deputy Chairman of the Board/ Leader of retail business; Head of macro region; positions from branch specialists to Retail Director (Head office, regional network); Head of department of network (all retail business); Heads of Division; Product manager;
  • I cart business – Deputy Chairman of the Board/ Leader of card business; Head of card business; Product manager; Technical support;
  • At risk - level positions of heads of departments, divisions, departments (retail, corporate risks); Director of the Department to work with troubled assets (risks);
  • Audit – positions from specialists, Heads of Department, Heads of Division (audit of branch network, internal audit)
  • Jurisprudence: positions from Legal Adviser to Head of Legal Department (support of corporate and retail business); Head of Department of bad asset
  • Collection - positions from Head of Department, Head of Division (Soft, Hard); Head of realizing collateralized property department (corporate and retail clients)
  • Accounting Accounting - Chief accountant; Deputy Chief accountant/Head of methodology department; Deputy Head of Department of financial analysis, planning and reporting; Specialist of Department of correspondent account; Specialist of Department of statistical reporting;
  • Project management – Head of project management; Project manager (IT, risks).
  • Market analysis of candidates of Leader of Card Business in Europe and Russia;
  • Market analysis of candidates of Head of product development Department (card product, retail business, alternative channels);
  • Market analysis of risk-management (market, credit, portfolio investing, operating risks, methodology);
  • Market analysis of Heads of Treasury;
  • Market analysis of analysts (investment banking).
  • Market analysis of Product Manager (corporate, retail).
  • Market analysis of specialists of statistical reporting.


  • Lawyers of middle and senior level on the landed and corporate right


  • Banking IТ: specialist IS-Card, Flexcube programmer, B2, Scrooge 2 expert, Basel 2 expert
  • IТ security: IТ security expert, IТ auditor;
  • IT Managers: Head of SW Development Department, Project manager, IT Manager, IT director
  • Developers:Java, Oracle, ABAP, MS SQL, Axapta/Navision, C/C++, C#, Delphi, iPhone
  • QA Testers: Testers in automation;


  • Head of Corporate Department;
  • Development Director(metallurgy);
  • Market analysis of personnel in Poland;
  • Market analysis of personnel in Hungary.

Agro business

  • Investor Relationship Manager;


  • Specialist in television project for Ukrainian television channel;

Oil and gas industry

Pharmaceutical and Medicine

If you need candidates from any other area in Ukraine or abroad, we will deal with the task efficiently and effectively. Our company is constantly expanding the list of business fields and specialists. If you need a professional of rare specialization, we will fulfill your order in the shortest period.