About us

The “ArtRecruiting” company completely meets the requirements of both customers, who prefer traditional approaches to the search for highly-qualified employees, and the clients’ expectations, who wish to cooperate with young and the most trendy and progressive agencies in the HR world.

The “ArtRecruiting” company was founded in 2011. The fact that the company is young is definitely an advantage as far as our job is closely connected with such relevant issues in the recruitment process as reliability, privacy, mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation of the “ArtRecruiting” client-company tandem. At the same time, we understand that modern methods of work and cooperation should be developed on the basis of traditional, time-proved experience. Our team consists of highly-skilled professionals who have been working in the HR area for many years and have an impressive list of launching and accomplishing the most exciting and challenging projects. Such combination of experience and work together with modern trends ensures that we will find the best and most productive people for your organization.


Our strategy:

The development of long-term, reliable, mutually beneficial partnerships.
We value the atmosphere of organic relationships and respect the privacy working with clients.

Criteria for effective work

  • In time and successful execution of the order.;
  • The deadline for submitting resumes.
    Depending on the complexity of the project, the client receives the first candidates within 1-4 weeks.
  • The quality of performed work. The so-called “accuracy” is extremely important for us: it can be accomplished with the understanding of customer’s needs by taking into account the leadership style, corporate culture, and development strategy. Our goal is not just to provide you with an expert but to find a person who possesses all the necessary professional and psychological qualities.
  • The percentage of successful candidates. We value our clients’ time and provide them with strong, thoroughly selected candidates.
  • Satisfaction of both clients’ and candidates’ requirements.
  • The number of recurrent clients’ applications. We are eager to establish long-term relationships with our Clients. More than 80% of the projects comprise orders of our regular customers.
  • The absence of necessity to replace candidates.

Our benefits

  • Professionalism. Our experts have been working within the HR field since 2005 possessing an experience in solving complex problems regarding personnel search and selection for various business areas in Ukraine, Russia, Europe, and Asia;
  • Personal exclusive approach to each Client and Candidate;
  • Wide-ranging up-to-date database of highly unique Candidates;
  • A comprehensive examination based on industrial and professional specialization;
  • High-quality, time-proved ways of personnel recruitment and selection;
  • Privacy policy.